Bangkok Airport Bus Routes

Popular with single travellers for being hassle free and their relative cheapness, the airport bus goes from Suvarnabhumi on 4 seperate routes into the main tourist areas of central Bangkok. At 150B a person though, it's a 50% increase on the charge from the previous Don Muang airport and it's only likely to be better value than a taxi if you're travelling alone. In in a group of two or more a taxi is going to be quicker, more comfortable, more direct and either cheaper or roughly equivalent in price - so no contest really. The airport buses run from approximately 5am to midnight.

Bus routes and numbers:
Route AE-1 goes on the expressway from Suvarnabhumi to Silom road. You can connect to the Skytrain or subway from Silom.

Route AE-2 goes on the expressway to Banglamphu. This is the one to get on for Khao San road.

Route AE-3 goes to the Nana (soi 3-4) part of Sukhumvit road.

Route AE-4 goes from Suvarnabhumi to Hua Lamphong, Bangkok's main train station.

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Bangkok Airport transport to get downtown
We''re hasn't troubled with airport Express. Their comfortable great serviced .
' P. Mccasker
I am arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 2100 hours on Sunday night and am booked into a hotel in Khao San. Will the AE-2 bus be still running at this time? If not , what alternatives do I have ?
' David Ingram
Dear Sir/Madam, May know Airport Bus -Route AE-4 is that to Bangkok's main train station that I can take train to ChiangMai? If yes, may Know where to get the Airport Bus -Route AE-4 in Suvarnabhumi Airport? Thanks.
if possible,write also,how to walk to the busstop,if going out of the airportdoors? I want to take the bus AE-4 to HUA LAMPHONG. Thanks,
' maria
Is there any airport bus to Pattaya and its schedule. If not,where I can take a bus to Pattaya.
' HO Pak-huen
1. Safty is requries , Driver should not drop in the middle and pick up stranger in the bus for private talking. 2. Should provide more agency to buy, such as hotel. 3. Bus stop point should clearly mention
' pikul
Plse advise as I want to travel by bus from the airport to NANA Soi 3, I arrive to Bangkok airport at 12:00AM on 14/03/09, where can I get this bus AE-3 at the airport and how to leave back to the airport early arround 5:00AM on 17/03/09. advise about route, bus number and time. Thanks .
' Imad chaaban
A route map of the air port bus would be good .Does the AE-2 go down Samsen Rd into Banglamphu
' B J Palmer
is it possible to get a bus from the airport to the southern bus terminal so that we can get a bus to Hua Hin ? that is from Suvarnabhumi airport
how about going back to the airport from downtown bangkok,can we take the same bus?Thank you.
' welly
Is there a bus or shuttle from DMK airport to Suvarnabhumi airport,just been told our flight will land at DMK, and need to go to other airport to connect flight to Phuket
' steve
where exactly can I find the airport bus in terminal 1? please supply a map of the terminal, or description to loacate it.
' tito j roy
Dear Sir/ Madam: I am arriving at the international airport at 11:20 pm. Do you think I still can take an airport bus? If yes, HOW? Best Regards, M Chan
' Chan
can you tell me the fare, the run times and bus # from Don Muang airport to Suvarnabhumi international airport...thank you
' L.J. Bolling
ae-3 goes to airport, passing on-nut sky train station, so the savvy traveller may think about going by syktrain to on-nut ( in process beating much of bangkok's traffic ) and then having a choice of 2 buses. Just a thought. I'll check it out on the 24th September and give you feedback.
' tim irvin
Dear Sir / Madam, All the routes (AE-1 to AE-4) shown are from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok, how about vise versa ?
' Michael
Thank you!!!! I have been looking for the bus details to Banglamphu for over an hour! Much appreciated for your straightfowardness for someone who hasn't been to Bangkok before.
Hi there, I would like to know how to go back to the airport from Silom area. Thank you.
' Shannon Nguyen
I will be arriving Bangkok airport 23 Nov, PM can you please tell me my best option to get to 1 Fortune Town Building, Rachadaphisek Rd Dindaeng. I am travelling alone. Thanks
' Alan
How much will it cost me if I'll hire a taxi from Hualamphong Train Station to Suvarnabhumi Airport?
' Lira
Hello Sir Madam, I am looking if there is any bus operating between the two airport now, What's the best way, Thanks for you time , Sinceres Regards,
' frederic
Maybe you could suggest to the people running the airport bus service to include Pattaya going probaly at 3hour intervals which would take them 2 buses to operate. TG had failed with this kind of service: running at wrong times and dropping people with luggage at 3th road in the middle of nowhere. Returning it was not possible to get the local taxidriver to go there due to language problems. "AEPattaya" should end maybe at the parking of Tops Supermarket or at the Nova hotel stopping somewhere in Naklua to pick up more pax.
' Helmburger
Is there a transportation available straight from Bangkok Airport to Huahin Hyatt Regency?
' Seong Hee Ahn
I saw the A4 Airport Bus go by on Phaya Thai rd. Are you sure it's discontinued? 8 August 2006
' bob
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