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The bus routes are shown by area of the city that you want to go to/from. Obviously, buses run their routes in both directions, so it's worth checking that the bus is going where you think it is when you get on. Don't worry if you don't recognise where to get off, the conductor will invariably tell you (if you've told them where you're going). If not, ask other passengers, who are normally very helpful. Some useful Thai phrases that you may need when taking buses are shown here.

There has been a recent change in the numbering of the buses which we have not yet changed on the pages. This is the sensible decision to put a number 5 in front of all the aircon buses, to avoid them having the same number as the non-aircon buses which may run a completely different route. Therefore, aircon bus number 11 is now bus 511 and so on.

Please choose an area from the ones shown below:

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HI, Thanks for this page..Do you have aplace where we can type where we are and the a place to type in where we want to go and then a list of bus numbers would pop up...for example..If I am on Sukhumvit Asok and I want to go to Seacon Square Iwould type in location - Asok Sukhumvit then In destinationI wouldtype in Seacon Square I hit enter and a list of bus Numbers would pop up and changes if necessary...AlsoIs there any bus that goes all over the city..I would love to take a long tour of the city on a bus,,,Do you have knowledge of a bus or van that I could take up country to see the Village people.. Thank you for your wonderful system. I greatly appreciate it very much Tom
' Tom
pl inform me how can i get bus from international airport to pattya, & what is the fare & how long distance from airport. i am from india (kolkata) will go on-20/02/07. thanks.
' apurba majumder
Dear operater...we need help for a busroute to phuket. we arive at 10 feb. to bankok thanks a lot M. Zehrt
' Michael Zehrt
Dear Sir, I would be glad if the decked up beauties and the staff of the Airport dept and shops speak a fair amount of English to help the Tourism dept. Thank you, Tvisha
' tvisha
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