Bangkok Taxi Fares

The prices listed below are an approximately the prices you can expect to pay for a metered taxi journey or negotiated tuk-tuk fare. Obviously they can vary considerably due to the traffic, the route of the driver etc...Nevertheless, a reasonable fare will never be more than 50% of these - though that's not to say the initial price you're quoted won't be more than that. Prices are cheaper in the night when the traffic is very light.

To the Grand Palace/Wat Phra Kaew from...

  Khao San road 40B
  The Oriental Hotel 80B
  Sukhumvit (low number soi) 100B
  Siam Square 70B

To Panthip Plaza from...

  Khao San road 60B
  The Oriental Hotel 60B
  Sukhumvit (low number soi) 50B
  Siam Square 40B

To Patpong from...

  Khao San road 70B
  The Oriental Hotel 45B
  Sukhumvit (low number soi) 60B
  Siam Square 50B

To Dusit Zoo from...

  Khao San road 45B
  The Oriental Hotel 90B
  Sukhumvit (low number soi) 110B
  Siam Square 70B
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Problems with Bangkok taxis
i think on the meter . taxi driver can not live because meter price so cheap and 20 year ago be stable like same price
' nat
Hello! I have one question if you can help me with. How much is a taxi fare from BAngkok to: Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery" (TIGER TEMPLE), Saiyok District, Kanchanaburi Province, 71150; Thanks for reply! Joze
' Jože Globočnik
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