How to type in Thai - Thai Language

All computers nowadays can let you type in Thai, but computers bought outside of Thailand will need a few settings changed first. This is a pretty easy process, and how to do it is shown step-by-step below.

A Thai keyboard (i.e. a keyboard with both the English letters and Thai characters on it) is not technically necessary, but it's very useful as without one you won't where the Thai letter you're looking for is located. If you don't have one, getting some Thai language keyboard stickers that can be used with your existing keyboard is the next best thing. Using a onscreen virtual Thai keyboard that simulates a real keyboard is also an option.

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Thank you. I now can learn to type in Thai, so I can learn to read Thai again. I am Thai but came when I young so I don't remember how to read. Can wait until the keyboard stickers come in. Again Thank You, Unchana
' Jean
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