Thailand travel guide


Introduction to Bangkok

From getting downtown from the airport, what to expect on your first impressions, some suggested highlights and itineraries and what to watch out for. Read more >>


What to see and do

Bangkok's breathtaking Temple of the Emerald Buddha / Grand Palace complex and the enourmous Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho are undoubtedly it's top attractions to see, but there's plenty more to see and do whatever your interests. Read more >> 


The "land of smiles"?

It's not for nothing that the tourist industry has dubbed Thailand the 'Land of Smiles', but there's a bit more to it than meets the eye - as the fact that the Thai language has 13 different words for "smile" might indicate. Read more >>


Costs and prices

Wondering how much to budget for a visit to Thailand ? We've compiled a list of typical prices for many common items to give you an idea of local costs and prices.  Read more >>

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Thailand costs and prices
i think that the prices are very good my fiance and me and a very good buddy of mine plan on going to thialand soon.
' cody bussiere
I like your site very much. Thank you for providing so much usefull information. Hope to visit you'r beautifull country real soon. With the kindest of regards Ron.
' Ron Staallekker
Hello. My name is Vidar from Norway. At the end of this month I am traveling to Bangkok. Do I need any papers beside passport? I also have another question, but i don't know if you can answer it:) I am going to Bangkok to look for mens clothing manufacturers to make my clothingline. Do you know any good manufacturers, or where I can look once I get to Bangkok? Kind regards Vidar Bjerknes
' vidar
Are US dollars acceptable for tipping guides and bus drivers while on tours. Can US dollars be used in places like the night bazaar in places like Chang Rai or Chang Mai or in smaller villages?
' Naomi Woiwode
Thailand once considered 'Land of Smiles', has actually become 'Land of Frowns'. Have been to Thailand few times, and it's becoming more evident in the way the people treating foreigners. SO SAD!!!
' Roger Goh
Will be visiting April 2009 - Suggestions on what to see and do welcome. Thank You
' Sheila Schmidt
I want to learn Taï massage in Wat Po center. I need to know more about that. Where do I suscribe? I want to come in June.
' Brigitte LAURENT
would like info and prices for the lowest fares to bangkok. will leave either las angeles or san francisco sometime in september or october.
' gary whitehead
im just wondering about the currency, and what the euro is worth for it??? for example, how much is 100baht worth in euro's??
' rachel Walsh
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