Thailand Travel FAQ

In this section we have tried to answer all the questions that a first time visitor to Thailand might typically have. If you know of any more that could be added to this list, please let us know.

General FAQ

Chiang Mai
the south
Is Thailand a difficult country to travel around in ?
Are there places that should be avoided ?
What's the weather like in Thailand ? What time is sunset ?
Is it safe ? What about for women ?
Is Bangkok a safe place ?
Where's a good place to stay in Bangkok ?
When's checkout time for accommodation in Thailand ?
What kind of entertainment and nightlife is there in Bangkok ?
Where's the best place to watch Thai boxing ?
Where can I get a / learn traditional Thai massage ?
What scams should I look out for ?
Where's a good place for left luggage ?
What's the food like in Thailand ?
Can I get camera film there or should I bring it with me ?
Is getting my camera film developed there a good idea ?
Is the Poste Restante of the GPO in Bangkok reliable ?
What's the cost, quality and availability of medicines and health care in Thailand like ?

People and culture FAQ

What are the basic do's and don'ts ?
What are Thai people like ?
What sort of clothes should I wear while I'm there ?
How difficult is to talk with the Thais ?
Is it okay to go topless / nude on beaches in Thailand ?
If I want to take presents for the Thai people I meet, what should I bring ?
Am I allowed to take Buddha images out of Thailand ?

Getting aboutFAQ

What's the best way of getting about in Thailand ?
Is renting a car/motorbike and driving in Thailand a good idea ?
Is it safe to leave my luggage while I'm on a sleeper train ?
Is the upper or lower berth better on the sleeper trains ?
Do I need to make reservations for buses / trains ?
Should I get a rail pass in advance ?
If I can't speak or read Thai, how will I know when to get off on a government bus / train ?
What are the boats to the islands like ?
What's the best way of getting about in Bangkok ?
What's Thai Airways like as an international / domestic airline ?
How can I get into Laos from Thailand ?
Can I travel overland between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar) ?
Can I travel overland from Thailand to Cambodia ?

Visa and Arrival FAQ

Is it a problem if I arrive on a one way ticket ?
Do I need a visa ?
What happens if I overstay ?
How can I extend my visa ?
Is getting through customs and Immigration a problem ? What if I have my own medicines ? Can I really only take 5 rolls of film in with me ?
Is there a left-luggage facility available at the airport ?
What's the exchange rate like at the airport ? Are there ATM's there ? Is the exchange booth open 24 hours ?
What's the best way to get to the city center from the airport ?
Are there guesthouses and hotels still open even if I arrive in the middle of the night ?
Is there accommodation near the airport ?

Preparation FAQ

Oriental hotel
Is better to go independently or on an organized tour ?
Do I need to book a hotel before I go ?
How much time should I spend in Thailand ?
What should I take with me ?
Is it worth bringing a mosquito net / sleeping bag ?
What time of year is best to go ?
What's it like being there in the rainy season ? Should I take anything extra ?
What footwear is it best to bring ?

Money FAQ

500 Baht
What is the exchange rate today ?
Is Thailand expensive ?
How should I bring money to Thailand ? Which currency is best to bring ? Should I get some baht before I enter Thailand ?
What type of credit card is mostly widely accepted in Thailand ?
What's the exchange rate like at Bangkok airport ?
How easy is it to get a casual job in Thailand ?
Should I tip ? How much ?
How much can I go I bargain a price down ?

Highlights and Recommendations FAQ

Mekong boat

What should I see and do in Bangkok ?
How much time should I spend in Bangkok ?
What are the highlights of the rest of Thailand ?
What beaches and islands are the best ones to go to ?
What are good beaches near Bangkok ?
When and where is the Full Moon Party ?
Is going trekking a good idea ? Where ?
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Arriving in Thailand FAQ
How much do i need to bring to Bangkok for a 4 days trip, inclusive of food, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing & shopping ? I am planning to shop at Jatuchak.
' Dalia
Kindly recommend us, Exotissimo Travel ( on your site, as one of the reliable tour operator in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
' Siripen
I would like to know if I should stay at Krabi or Koh Samui I will be in Bang toe for 4 days and Phi Phi for 2 days wont to know where to stay after that going with daughter. thank you
' peta
Do I have to have an entry stamp put into my passport in Thailand. I frequently travel to Thailand, but my wife doesn't like me to. Was wondering if I could enter Bangkok, and not have them put a stamp in my passport, maybe just stamp a paper and staple to my passport?
' Jim Shedd
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