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A survey by the Economist newspaper ranked Bangkok's cost of living at only 57% of that of New York, and certainly it's true that is possible to live very cheaply. How much you adapt to Thai lifestyle habits makes a big difference to your costs though - having johk or khao dtom (both types of rice soup) for breakfast everyday will cost you almost nothing, while a bowl of cornflakes may well cost considerably more than you would expect. Wine, cheese, chocolate and other everyday items in the west will similarly set you back more in Bangkok than back in New York. Most other goods luxury goods are taxed extremely heavily in Thailand, meaning purchasing a new Mercedes will cost more here than almost anywhere else in the world.

Some example costs that you may encounter day-to-day are: (approx 1US$=40B, 1GBP=60B)

Food and Drink
Plate of Thai food, some rice and a soft drink at an average small restaurant
40B to 70B
Plate of Thai food and a soft drink on Bangkok's Khao San road.
Plate of western style food and a soft drink in tourist-orientated restaurant.
150B - 300B
Meal for 2 at a high quality Thai restaurant
300B to 500B
Macdonald's BigMac Meal - Small/Large
Grilled chicken and sticky rice from a street vendor
Large (630ml) 'Singha' beer from a 7-11 store
Small (330ml) 'Singha' beer in an average bar
60B to 150B
1 litre of bottled water from a store
7B to 12B
Low-end bottle of wine from a supermarket
Packet of Thai kanom (snacks/sweets)
Small Mars Bar
20 cigarettes (Western brand)
20 cigarettes (Thai brand)

Typical guesthouse room on Khao San Road (small, fan-cooled, shared cold-water bathroom)
Typical 3* hotel room
800B to 1200B
Typical 5* hotel room
3000B +
Discounted room at the Oriental Hotel (arguably the world's best hotel)
US$250 / 10000B
Luxury apartment (per month)
20000B +
Central Bangkok apartment with good facilities (per month)
8000B to 20000B
Non-central cheap apartment with few/no facilities (per month)
2000B to 4000B

Average taxi or tuk-tuk fare round central Bangkok
Ordinary / Aircon bus fare
3.5B / 8B - 16B
Average fare on the express boats and canal boats
5 to 10B
Chartering a longtail boat for one hour
Average Skytrain fare

Original Western music CD from a department store
450B to 500B
Original Thai music CD from a department store
Copied Western music CD from Khao San Road
Pirate software from Panthip Plaza
Fake Rolex watch
Cheap T-Shirt
Fake pair of Levi's
Cinema ticket
80B to 120B
Entrance fee to some of the most popular discos/nightclubs (This usually entitles you to 2 or 3 'free' drinks)
300B to 500B
Copy of 'The Nation' or 'Bangkok Post' newspaper
Cheap haircut

Internet access on a 56K modem, per hour.

30B to 180B

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Sound fairly cheap considering minium wage is 206 baht a day. Some might not afford a 3 star hotel but a guesthouse maybe. Not considering i want to move there. On social security i think there some restriction. Thank you , . . .
' Binney Nathong
bangkok is simply superb and the cost of living is as good as india, an affordable foriegn tour
' kumar jagadish
Brilliant stuff, if all this is near accurate then you have helped me finance my trip to Thailand, many thanks.
' Ben
hi tanks lot for guid.i want more about food and livinig price on thai.i love muay thai
' muaythailover
some of these are still way cheaper here in the Philippines.=) cheap haircut-40 pesos internet access on a 56K modem, per hour-20 pesos cheap t-shirt-3 for 100 pesos
' rc
This is the best site I have found thus far!! I have searched for this type of info on the web for almost two hours. If possible, relating to cuisine, could you in future have a pdf. or Jpeg of the menus for us users to download beforehand? Also consider an Emergency procedure to follow in the event of an occurance that requires beforehand understanding of the Bangkok Police Department, or Emergency services. But once again thank you for a great website
' Warren Wilson
THis has been by far the most informative website that I have found since I began researching Thailand and southease asia. Many thanks!
' andrea
i would like to find out on whether or not i am allowed to bring back 3020 cigarettes back into the uk from thailand, by for now, David Hughes
' David Hughes
can i know the petrol prices in bangkok or thailand? what is the km for Moo 4 Pornpaphanimitr Nonprue Banglamsung Chon Buri to Airport?
' richard
Can you advise me on where to find nice good tailor in bangkok city. Also what are the average price and what normally they offer
' aznan shariff
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